A conservative radio station has fired a pundit for making a ‘racist’ joke about Kamala’s outfit

Amber Athey, a conservative journalist, was fired from her job at a local radio station on March 9 for what the station called a “racist” tweet mocking Kamala Harris’ outfit.

The March 1 tweet simply read, “Kamala looks like a UPS employee — what can brown do for you? Nothing good, apparently,” clearly referring to a recent brown outfit worn by the vice president in public:

As Athey herself wrote in her article on spectator’s world (who staunchly refused to take action against her), “Nobody had a problem with the tweet until a few days later when I criticized the protests for ‘trans kids’ at the University of North Texas.”

“A group of maniacal left-wing activists who want to chemically castrate children in the name of ‘gender affirmation’ have come after me.”

“All of a sudden Kamala’s tweet was reframed as racist and dozens of Twitter accounts were bragging about contacting my employers about my ‘bigotry’,” she continued.

While Spectator’s worldmocked and quickly deleted angry emails about my Kamala tweet, … that was not the case for my radio station, WMAL,” Athey said. She had been working there for a few months now on the station’s morning show.

On the afternoon of March 9, she received a call from the vice president of WMAL’s parent company, as well as a manager from the company’s human resources department. They told her she had been fired, “effective immediately”.

They repeated that they never even bothered to ask for his side of the story and even admitted at one point that it was more about “the perception of racism” than any actual racism.

Athey continued, “If I can be fired for making fun of the Vice President’s outfit, every host of a Cumulus station risks losing their job at any moment.”

“Political commentary is worthless if it cannot be used to speak the truth to those in power without fear of professional consequences.”

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