A new black student radio show and podcast will air this weekend

A new black student radio show and podcast will air this weekend

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Right now aired every Sunday at 6 p.m.

ATHENS, OH – A new WOUB radio and podcast program is launching this weekend in partnership with Ohio University’s Black Student Communication Caucus (BSCC) called Right now.

“The program will provide perspective on what black students are dealing with on the Ohio University campus,” said Nia Dumas, BSCC President and Program Producer/Facilitator. “Ohio University is a predominantly white institution (PWI) and black students face many challenges in our classes, with our faculty, and in our daily lives.”

The 30-minute program will premiere on WOUB AM on Sunday, January 30 at 6 p.m. The show will have an interview/conversation style format with several host students to tackle many different issues. The first episode will focus on dating at a PWI. A podcast version of the program will be available at woub.org/listen in the future.

“As the minority on campus, we as black students have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We are going to tackle many of the issues that we face,” Dumas said. “For example, often there is only one black student in a class and the content we learn comes from a predominantly white perspective. So we constantly have to outsource for information.

The title of the program came from an idea the students had for a video series at the BSCC a few years ago.

“We just kept that title and hoped we could do something with it one day,” Dumas said. “It means that Right now we’re dealing with a lot of different issues, and the title has a sense of urgency because it’s important to talk about it now.

Currently there are five students working on the program and each is excited to learn about all the different aspects of what goes into producing a radio program and podcast.

“It allows us to be active journalists and active producers,” Dumas said. “We have to educate ourselves on the different subjects, and we have students who help with production and editing.”

The partnership between BSCC and WOUB is a continuation of a collaboration that has produced past programs such as the Relevant show, The 740, Shades of colorand black directions.

Radio WOUB Director Rusty Smith said, “The content of the program will be informative to many radio listeners on the Ohio University campus and throughout Athens County, as well as listeners from podcasts beyond our listening area. We are delighted with this new company.

“Each year we will train the next year Right now producers and hosts,” Dumas said. “A program like this, from a black perspective, is so important to air at WOUB. White students trying to cover the experience of black students on campus don’t get the right perspective. The information must come directly from the source. Being here at a PWI is not easy. We hope the program can educate our white counterparts and encourage them to show us grace because every day can be a battle.

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