A new magazine is launched today to lose weight

Media24 launches the quarterly Lose It! – which is all about weight loss, health improvement and the revolutionary ‘Tim Noakes’ or Banting diet today, Monday April 7, 2014.

Suzy Brokensha edits the title. “There is no doubt that there is a complete change underway in the way we eat. Countries around the world are starting to change the way they view the food pyramid that we all learned in school, and this is not too early. This magazine is state of the art. It has expert input from, among others, Professor Tim Noakes (exercise scientist), nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed – who has been working with this diet and seeing results for decades now, Jobst Olschewski (CrossFit trainer) and Justine Kiggen (Fairlady food writer and recipe creator) are just a few of the experts giving advice in the magazine.

Tips and Tricks

The magazine gives readers everything they need to know about how to start Banting right away, from detailed lists of foods you can and can’t eat, to inspiring success stories, to tips and tricks from experts. and over 60 nutritionist-approved recipes that will delight even the pickiest foodie – plus the science behind the theory.

This 84-page glossy paper fills a unique gap in the market, according to Brokensha, because it’s about so much more than weight loss — although the weight loss results are extraordinary.

Changing the way people eat

“It’s a revolutionary way of eating and thinking about food. Banting is part of a global realization that sugar and other carbohydrates compromise our health far more than fat, which has been demonized for years. We must change the way people think about what they eat and we are committed to doing so.

“It’s more than just a magazine – it’s about giving people who have given up hope of ever feeling healthy or losing weight. It’s got all the tools and expert advice you need. they might need, and it’s very inspiring. It will set them on a life-changing path. For anyone who wants to lose weight, increase their energy levels, and lower their risk of type 2 diabetes, among other conditions, that’s the answer.

Volume 2 will be released on June 30, Volume 3 on September 15 and Volume 4 on December 29. The title sells for R49 and is available digitally on www.mysubs.co.za. For more information, visit loseit.dailyfix.co.za.

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