A new Spanish-speaking radio station on the airwaves of Savannah



SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – This week a new, all-Spanish-speaking radio station is launching right here in Savannah.

Broadcast on 96.1 FM “La Pantera”, or “La Panthère”, aims to be a source of information and entertainment according to those behind this week’s launch.

“What better way to support the community and be there for everyone than to launch a product that can be local content, local news, local events… and it’s just something super special,” said said Aaron Wilborn, VP / Marketing Director, DBC Radio.

Aaron Wilborn says the idea for a new, all-Spanish-speaking radio station arose when 96.1, formerly called “The Island,” broadcast public safety information in Spanish as a tropical system loomed off the coast. . It is a public service that La Pantera seeks to continue.

“We have magazines, we have people who have bands, but radio is something completely different. It can reach more people at the same time, ”said Lisette Riccelli, Director of Sales, DBC Radio.

In addition to being a host for La Pantera radio, Lisette Riccelli is also the owner of Agenda Latina and is involved with Centraide, Safe Shelter and the Hispanic Outreach, Leadership and Advocacy task force in the City of Savannah. Riccelli says she will count on her involvement in the community to help bring issues to the airwaves that the Hispanic community cares about.

“Radio is more for everyone in our community, and not a specific target, I hope,” Riccelli said.

La Pantera will have a live afternoon show from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., with local noon and evening broadcasts.

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