Adrián Mesa, personality of a Hispanic radio show in Miami, dies



title=radio personality Adrián Mesa has worked on Spanish-language media in Miami for more than three decades.” title=”Cuban radio personality Adrián Mesa has worked on Spanish-language media in Miami for more than three decades.” loading=”lazy”/>

Cuban radio personality Adrián Mesa has worked on Spanish-language media in Miami for more than three decades.


el Nuevo Herald

Cuban radio personality Adrián Mesa, one of South Florida’s iconic airwaves, died in Miami on Wednesday September 8 before midnight, the victim of a stroke and heart attack. He was 60 years old.

The news was confirmed by people close to the communicator, who worked at Z 92.3 FM, a Spanish radio station in the broadcasting system (SBS), after rumors of his death began to spread on Wednesday morning.

“Fly high in the eternal light, dear Adrián,” posted journalist Oscar Haza on his social networks.

TV host Mario Andrés Moreno mourned the loss on his Instagram account.

“Adrián Mesa leaves us an irreplaceable void since he managed to win a unique space in the afternoons of @ z92miami, with a unique sense of communication, affable, always friendly with his audience and colleagues. Great sense of humor and always concerned about the well-being of those around him (…) We are sad, very sad because these are sudden, abrupt, hard losses. Without a last hug, without a goodbye.

Radio personality and singer Susy Lemán confessed her dismay at the death of her colleague. “He was the brother I never had in the 20 years we worked together. He was one of the noblest human beings I have ever met in my life. Adrian loved the job like no other. For him, the audience and the clientele of the station were the most important. The microphone was his life. Sadness is a very small word to describe how I feel, “said Lemán.

“Adrian was a guy with extraordinary grace and extremely Cuban. He was a man you could relate to, who knew a lot about music and was very generous to his listeners. It is a great loss in those terrible days when we lost our colleague Leo Vela. I feel very sad, ”said radio and television host Omar Moynelo.

Adrián Mesa with Susy Lemán, colleague of 92.3 FM. Archive el Nuevo Herald

“I remember him as a very happy person and a good friend and companion. I never saw him sad. He had positive energy. If the public loved him so much, it was because he was showing the same things on air as in his personal life with the people around him. Miami radio is in mourning, ”said his colleague Albertico Rodríguez.

Singer Mirtha Medina remembered the radio host as another member of the family.

“I have always received his support in all the activities in which I have participated. I remember when I opened (nightclub) La Casa de la Medina, he was always very supportive, sending us his radio audience. He was an altruistic person who did not hesitate to support Cuban artists who came to Miami to pursue their careers. His death hurt me a lot, ”the singer said.

“Adrián’s departure is a great loss for the Miami radio community. He has always shown his admiration for Celia Cruz by involving her in almost every program he has conducted during his professional life, ”said promoter Omer Pardillo, executor of La Guarachera de Cuba, on behalf of the Celia Cruz Foundation.

Adrián Mesa was born in Havana on August 26, 1961. After leaving the island with his sister for Miami during Mariel’s exodus in 1980, he studied broadcasting at the Miami Lakes Technical Educational Center and journalism at the Miami Dade Middle School.

Adrián Mesa works with comedian Guillermo Álvarez Guedes. Pedro Portal el Nuevo Herald

At the end of the decade he was hired as a DJ on FM 92, where he captivated audiences with his voice, his charisma and with that folk style that made him a member of every listener’s family for almost forty years. Under the tutelage of the unforgettable radio personality Betty Pino, he was part of Clásica 92.3 FM since September 27, 1997. At that time he co-founded the program Aquí está lvarez Guedes, with the legendary Cuban comedian, who has been on the air for fourteen years.

“Guillermo [Álvarez Guedes] was my teacher. With him I learned many secrets of radio and the responsibility that comes with being in front of the microphone. His advice is as useful as the first day, ”Adrián said in an interview with el Nuevo Herald in 2017, when he received the key to the city of Miami from then-mayor Tomás Regalado.

Adrian Mesa y el alcalde Tomas Regalado
Adrián Mesa obtained the key to the city of MIami from the then mayor, Tomás Regalado, in 2017. [email protected] Arturo Arias-Polo

Sunday shows Concierto de Boleros and Los Grandes de Nocturne (known as El Mano to Mano) were the highlights of his career, where he coined his slogan “Ahí na má” which he used for emphasis.

When Mega TV emerged in 2006, Adrián was chosen to host the space Entre-Fichas, which lasted almost two years.

Adrián has personalized important advertising campaigns and has been master of ceremonies in countless concerts for big international stars.

His death leaves a great void in the world of entertainment in Miami, where his affability and eternal smile are remembered.

“Ever since I started radio, I have been receiving positive feedback from this community over and over again,” the radio personality announcer said in the aforementioned interview, after recalling that on August 26 2012, her birthday, the city of Miami proclaimed this day with her name, as did the city of Hialeah on January 15, 2004.

“But there is nothing more stimulating than receiving affection from people, which is the reason to keep going every day.”

He is survived by three older brothers and several nephews. The funeral will be private.

This story was originally published September 10, 2021 3:07 pm.

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