Amazon wants its live audio app to reinvent the radio show



Amazon is working on a Clubhouse clone with the ability to include realtime music. “Project Mic,” as the app is called internally, lands somewhere between Clubhouse’s laid-back chat spaces and a live podcast app. The new app will be marketed as a way for anyone to record and stream a live radio show, even with music. The edge reports that the ultimate goal of Project Mic is to “democratize and reinvent radio“.

Clubhouse’s runaway success popularized live audio experiences to such an extent that almost every social media company and Big Tech tried to duplicate it this year. Twitter has spaces; Facebook is testing several new audio features; Spotify is preparing a live audio function; even Reddit has jumped on the bandwagon.

Amazon is hoping it can separate Project Mic from the rest of this pack by including native music support – something Clubhouse has long struggled to incorporate into its app.

A little different from most – Amazon plans to integrate Amazon Music into Project Mic, giving it a leg up on Clubhouse from day one. Users will be able to tap into Amazon’s huge music collection for their live programming, making it feel more like a live radio show than Clubhouse conversations.

Amazon is also planning to recruit celebrities and influencers to launch their own live shows on the app as a promotion. A presentation seen by The edge showed a mockup of the new app with listings of currently live shows, hot topics, and featured creators.

But can he compete? – The best tool Amazon currently has in its arsenal is its extensive product network – and the company knows it. Unlike Clubhouse, which requires a direct connection to the app in order to listen, Amazon expects its live radio broadcasts to be available on virtually every Amazon device: Echo, Twitch, Audible, and Amazon Music smart speakers. This ease of access will surely help popularize the new live experience.

Clubhouse may have been the catalyst for the revival of live audio, but Project Mic – at least in this current and leaked form – hardly looks like its predecessor. He’s more of a cousin than a brother.

Project Mic won’t really compete with Clubhouse; it is not a social network the way Clubhouse presents itself. Instead, Amazon will be competing with traditional live radio, which is still very accessible to the public, and with Spotify, which has really taken over the audio space in both music and podcasts.


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