AMPlified Radio Show with Ken Rochon, aka Dr. Smiley, and Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Interview Frank Helring to share the “BizZne$$ BuzZ” for entrepreneurial success

Frank Helring Shares the “BizZne$$ BuzZ” for Entrepreneurial Success on AMPlified Radio Show with Ken Rochon, Jr., Ph.D., aka Dr. Smiley, and executive producer, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller. The interview of the hosts influential world leaders to share, on this on-air program, how their guests amplify goodness.

The AMPlified radio show airs voice-only “LIVE” every Monday at 11:00 a.m. EST at on the VoiceAmerica Infuencer channel.

However, for viewers who wish watch the ‘LIVE’ interview on camerago to

The AMPlified radio show influences and inspires speakers, authors and leaders to share their positive impact on the world. The vision is to amplify good causes, good messages and good people through connection and community.

Host, Dr. Rochon, and Executive Producer, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, examine the challenges faced and overcome by leaders. These answers describe the impact on the world that is successful and positive. For example, they reveal how to be more effective in advertising, publishing, marketing, and social media techniques to gain visibility and awareness, which leads to leads.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller shares, “Everyone has a voice with a message to share. The AMPlified radio show amplifies these messages through influence, connections, guerrilla marketing, networking, photography, social media, strategic alliances, publishing, branding and to technology.

The guest, Mr. Frank Helring, is the CEO and Founder of TheHubmartLLC and host of BizZne$$ BuzZ on VoiceAmerica Business Channel. As an established executive with over 45 years of service, his work encompasses the Christian ministries, private/corporate insurance, public/philanthropic companies and private equity sectors.

Frank Helring, Host of BizZne$$ BuzZ

His past tenures include: Owning a general insurance agency; executive director of World Vision of Orange County; and acting president and CEO of a community organization that worked with local government agencies.

He was the COO of Allure Med Aesthetics, Inc. from 2013 to present. As president of JMS Consulting Group, a private equity firm in Los Angeles, he consulted with the vice president of employee benefits for the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) to provide boutique benefit offerings to their broad limbs.

In 2015 he starred in “Ride The Thunder”. He participated in the film “Bridging The Gap”. This goal was to reconcile the Vietnam War veterans of the United States with their ARVN, South Vietnamese veterans, after more than 45 years of separation.

He presided over three nationwide events, which brought reconciliation and forgiveness to hundreds of veterans of America and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN).

Mr. Helring recently joined ORU, the world’s first international social transactional payment platform. Congruently, it contributes to the mission of RNetwork. They intend to empower populations facing transactional challenges. These are populations that have little or no means of gaining access to world trade.

Mr. Helring resides with his wife, Rhoda, in Mission Viejo, California. Mr. Helring’s combination of grassroots community involvement, formation of strategic relationships and continued success as a business and entrepreneurial visionary makes him an invaluable asset to the small business community.

Dr. Ken Rochon, aka Dr. Smiley, owner of The Umbrella Syndicate and Perfect Publishing, is an international speaker, professional celebrity event photographer, marketer and publisher of over 300 books. As the author of over 30 books, he wants everyone to leave a legacy for others to learn the wisdom of the life they lead.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller is an international speaker, international publicist and sponsorship acquisition specialist at Working with high profile personalities, celebrities, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs, she realizes the dreams of visionaries bigger than they ever dared to imagine.

Adams-Miller achieves this success through her publicist duties at events, conferences, coaching and consulting. Additionally, she excels in success through her connections, press releases, radio show hosting, television and radio appearances, book publishing, photography, and more. She shared the stage with Anthony Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and many others.

Together Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller and Dr. Ken Rochon share their love of increasing smiles per hour (SPH), and they are dedicated to publishing stories of resilience in the “DOSE of HOPE” book series to share with the world.

Dr Ken Rochon aka Dr Smiley and Dr Andrea Adams-Miller, The Keep Smiling Movement Leadership.png

During the show, every Monday, Dr. Ken Rochon, aka Dr. Smiley, co-founder, and Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, executive director of The Keep Smiling Movement, present their guests’ stories of resilience.

As leaders of The Keep Smiling Movement, a 501(c)3 mental health and dental organization, they are on a mission. The mission is to save lives with SMILEs by creating a DOSE of HOPE to be resilient whatever the challenge. Dedicated to smiles, the movement’s unique book series includes Keep Smiling photojournalism books, Dose of Hope storybooks, and Hope is Dope storybooks.

These books are a treasure to behold and feature some of the most well-known names, thought leaders and innovators of our time while mingling with heart-centered entrepreneurs who share their stories of resilience. The Keep Smiling Movement mission supports preventative mental health and responds to challenges by uplifting people’s morale with their Keep Smiling cards.

Additionally, the organization shows others how to be resilient in times of conflict with their Keep Smiling photojournalism book series and their DOSE of HOPE documentary storybook series. Pushing for a movement of love, inclusion and smiles, the Keep Smiling Movement mental health program can be offered to any business, organization, city or country. Their presentation skills and self-development exercises help participants improve their personal mental health to overcome challenges more effectively through “Resilience in a Box (Exponentially Better Outcomes)”.

A comprehensive Rolodex helps them help others find what they need with referral services for dental, mental, financial, parental, business, and more. For a free copy of their Keep Smiling e-photobook series, visit

Donations to the Keep Smiling movement, a 501(c)3, can be received at

About AMPlified:

The AMPlified radio show has been around for seven years. Dr. Ken Rochon and Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller interview global impact leaders and influencers to learn more about their influence around the world towards positive change.

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For questions about the show, to reach guests or hosts, or if you are interested in advertising or sponsorship, contact AMPlified Radio Show Executive Producer Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller at 419-722- 6931 or [email protected].

About the Keep Smiling movement:

For inquiries about the Keep Smiling Movement, please contact Executive Director, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, [email protected]419-722-6931.


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