BBC Scotland’s Sunday radio show sounded like a Conservative Party political show

I HAVE to ask this simple question after experiencing another outburst of pro-Union bias on Sunday morning on BBC Radio Scotland: Is the BBC seriously trying to emulate Russia Today in a blatantly biased broadcast to a Scottish audience?

The broadcaster’s Sunday morning radio show was literally a political show on behalf of the Conservative Party, a political group that has very little credibility or presence to affect the political landscape in Scotland.

The BBC has ‘faced’ a few hard-nosed Tory unionists delivering their usual apologies and cheap rhetorical comments to ‘walk away’ from the Democratic argument for a referendum in Scotindy next year – an absolute disgrace and with no right of reply granted to anyone on the other side of the Scottish constitutional debate!

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Add to this criticism the fact that the BBC presenter later announced that he would be discussing Sunday newspaper headlines with a few media guests, with this guy then “reeling off” all but Sunday newspapers. National!? It was a long list of Sunday papers mentioned by this BBC program host and yet no time was given to the Sunday National!?

May I add that this has not been the case on recent Sunday morning programs and, indeed, the National’s Shona Craven has occasionally been a guest speaker. Not this time! Could it be that their political influencers, at a higher level, disliked any mention of Scotindy on this particular program for some bizarre reason when the BBC’s obsession with debating the Tory leadership farce in front of a completely unimpressed and disinterested was staggering in the extreme!

They shamelessly persist in ramming this conservative stuffing down our throats! What happened to the proper balanced presentations/debates on such BBC shows like this, especially when this particular BBC Sunday program was heavily criticized for similar indiscretions just a few weeks ago ?

Bernie Japs

On Radio Scotland’s Mornings program on Tuesday, Stephen Jardine asked listeners a question related to the heat wave experienced in recent days.

George Monbiot, a guest contributor and writer on climate change, observed the case where the climate has changed and we must act, now.

Several people who called later were ambivalent, in that they do not believe in climate change. Others have said we (the UK) are not to blame, the biggest polluters are the US, China, India and of course the pariah that is Russia. Moreover, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These comments will not be unusual for readers of letters pages.

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What is really surprising and incongruous is that, based on comments on the radio and in the pages of recent letters, if the climate crisis is not happening, why do they often say that the United States, the China, India and Russia are the countries that are causing the production of CO2? Also, they don’t think the UK should make changes until these big contributors make changes.

In fact, they say the climate crisis doesn’t exist, but aren’t we the cause? It’s a logic problem that they didn’t understand correctly. A really childish attitude.

I would like people with this view to talk to loved ones in their 20s or 30s and make these same statements, and have a discussion, about why our planet is safe in their hands and what kind of planet these people are going to put back.

And these Holocaust deniers are allowed to vote.

Alistair Ballantyne
Birkhill, Angus

Regarding the Public Accounts Committee report into government ‘mismanagement’ of PPE contracts, SNP Cabinet Office spokesman Brendan O’Hara speaks of ‘the incompetence of the Westminster government’ . This is the most magnanimous of him.

I tend to believe that by creating an illegal VIP channel for Tory ministers to recommend their associates for contracts, they were more than competent. Facilitating vast profits at the expense of the public was no coincidence, but rather the deliberate action of libertarians who obtained government positions. It is the toxic heart of Westminster government that allows the rich and powerful liberties to amass more wealth and power at the expense of those who have less.

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We must not forget this shameless profiteering as we are repeatedly told in the run up to the upcoming independence referendum that we needed the toxic union to get Scotland through the Covid pandemic. Westminster, as always, did nothing for anyone but themselves that an independent Scotland could not have done as well or better without the ties that bind us to a corrupt system of government.

Nor Holmes
Saint Andrew

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