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We’ll come back to 1981 when, among other things: an unknown rocker named Prince opens for the Rolling Stones at LA Coliseum; George Jones and Barbara Mandrell Win CMA Awards; first wave of hearing occurs in Oakland thanks to a cheerleader named Krazy George Henderson; aspartame is approved as an artificial sweetener; New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner fights with two fans in an elevator and Del McCoury, Steve Martin and Charlie Moore release stellar grass.


  • Red Rector: “Stuck Up Blues” by Back home in Madison County(Revonah)
  • Rich Rainey & the Bluegrass Cousins: “Are you from Dixie?” of Are you from Dixie?(Revonah)
  • Del McCoury & the Dixie Pals: “Hang Your Head In Shame” by Strictly Bluegrass Live(Copper Creek)
  • Del McCoury & the Dixie Pals: “Take Me To The Mountains” from Take me to the mountains(Leather)
  • Joel Mabus: “Working on a building” from Set fire to the woods(Flying fish)
  • Steve Martin: “Saga of the Old West / John Henry / Saga (Reprise)” by The Steve Martin brothers(Warner Brothers)
  • Charlie Moore and his Dixie partners: “Lots of everything (but you)” from Country Music Memories, vol. 2(Old property)
  • Leon Morris & Associates: “Catfish John” from Bluegrass Favorites(Country)
  • The Muddy Bottom Boys: “Cold Wind” by Hi neighbor(Grassound)
  • Mark O’Connor: “Soppin ‘the Gravy” by Soppin ‘the sauce(Roundness)
  • The Over the Hill Gang: “Forest Fire” by Forest fire(TRAC)
  • The Over the Hill Gang: “Homeward Bound” by Back home(Lemco)
  • Bill Monroe: “Old Ebeneezer Scrooge” / “Old Dangerfield” by Bluegrass master(MCA)
  • Pacific… ly Bluegrass: “Smokey Mountain Smoke” by Second album(PB)
  • Bob Paisley & the Southern Grass: “How many times” Bob Paisley and the Southern Grass(Roundness)
  • The Primitive Quartet: “Lord, I am only a pilgrim” from Just a pilgrim(Dawn)
  • The Marc Pruitt Band: “Moonlight Madness” by Madness in the moonlight(Marandée)
  • The Marc Pruitt Band: “Streamline Cannonball” by Streamline the cannonball(horizon)
  • The Osborne Brothers: “Rosebud” from Bobby and his mandolin(CMH)

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