Californian sentenced to death for fatally torturing puppy


RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) – A southern California man who fatally tortured a Chihuahua puppy and posted a video about it online was sentenced to two years in federal prison on Monday.

Angel Ramos-Corrales, 19, of Riverside was convicted of an assault in February in which he brutalized his 4-month-old puppy named Canelo, breaking his skull and ribs, according to a statement from the US prosecutor’s office.

“The dog’s injuries caused him to continually fall face first, and Ramos-Corrales recorded a video of the injured puppy and posted it on his Instagram account,” the statement said.

That same day, Ramos-Corrales slit the dog’s throat, leaving a gap of two inches, and posted a Snapchat video of Canelo lying on the bathroom floor in which Ramos-Corrales said “J ‘cold hearted “and kicked the unconscious puppy. , said the prosecutor.

Corrales was taken into police custody following complaints from people who saw the video.

Officers found Ramos-Corrales with fresh blood stains on his clothes and freshly cut wounds on his hands, and there was blood spatter in a bathroom and bedroom, according to the criminal complaint.

Ramos-Corrales said the dog had become “brooding” and bit him, “causing him to lose control,” the complaint says.

“Ramos-Corrales called himself a ‘cold-blooded killer’ and said he couldn’t help but injure the dog,” according to the complaint.

The puppy had to be euthanized.

Ramos-Corrales told police he had smoked marijuana all day, according to a court document that said he may also have consumed alcohol and methamphetamine.

The document, which set out the government’s position on the sentencing, said Ramos-Corrales brutalized the dog for two hours, “mercilessly rejoicing in inflicting fatal injuries on Canelo, did not help Canelo in his suffering and cursed Canelo as he died “.

Corrales pleaded guilty in June to one count of animal crushing, which involves causing serious injury to an animal causing extreme physical pain, long-term damage or risk of death.

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