Cedar County Emergency Management Agency Launches New Weather Radio Program



CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – A new program in Cedar County allows the county’s emergency management agency to help keep dozens of homes informed of impending emergencies like severe weather.

For decades, people have used weather radios to stay safe and warn of storms at all hours.

“Knowing that we are doing everything possible to fulfill the mission of protecting people, property and the environment is essential,” said Jodi Freet, director of the Cedar County Emergency Management Agency.

To help achieve this goal, Freet has launched a new program to keep people prepared and safe.

“We figured that a weather radio would help people be aware of extreme weather conditions, so I was able to get a grant through the Community Foundation of Cedar County, I was able to buy quite a few weather radios we give away free.

Freet was able to secure a $ 2,000 grant that could cover 100 radios. This would help spread awareness of tornadoes, severe weather and AMBER alerts to more people in the largely rural and sprawling county.

Mindy Beekman, who lives in the 130-strong city of Rochester, believes the safety net provided by the program could be essential in her community.

“It gets us to the point where we know we’re in trouble. Where we don’t have that, like, say Rochester. We are not incorporated. We don’t have a security system or sirens or anything like that, ”Beekman said.

Beekman is a new participant in the program. She and her family will be better prepared for the next weather disaster with her new weather radio.

“My mom has mobility issues so it’s important for me to be able to move her quickly to a safe place and, you know, get her there quickly and safely,” Beekman said. “Triggering a weather radio is going to be crucial for that.”

If you want to join the program, you can go to the county website for more information.

Cedar County Emergency Management said those who want a free weather radio must prove they reside in Cedar County and complete a family emergency plan.

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