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‘The Mega’ welcomes Edward El Shirry wearing a t-shirt with a Japanese Rising Sun flag motif (left) and Carolina Carreño as the Korean national anthem was played during the radio program (Screenshot by BTS Dream Lab Colombia / La Mega video)

A radio show in Colombia is severely criticized for insulting K-pop superstars BTS and South Korea.

It all started on July 9 when the hosts of “La Mega” featured BTS’s “Permission to Dance” as a requested song.

However, the hosts, who called BTS “Chinese,” made mocking remarks against BTS and questioned their accomplishments and popularity.

“These Chinese go very fast. They put a lot of money into it, so they made it to the top of the Grammys lists. It is because of the money, also for important events. They are sponsored. Yes. But they couldn’t win anything. Those requesting the song are the Embassy of South Korea. And not because they’re BTS, they have to be good because it’s not a reality, ”the hosts said, according to a translation from YouTube channel Liry Onni.

The remarks sparked an uproar among BTS ARMYs in Colombia.

According to an official statement from the ARMY BTS Dream Lab Colombia fan base, “In response to their previous actions yesterday (July 12, 2021), the staff at La Mega Bogota released a video in which they said they would make a official statement regarding the situation that has occurred regarding BTS.

But instead of apologizing, Edward El Shirry and Carolina Carreño, the hosts of the “El mañanero” segment of the “La Mega” program mocked not only BTS and BTS ARMYs, but South Korea as well.

Shirry wore a t-shirt with the symbol of the Japanese rising sun, which for South Koreans is a symbol of the atrocity of Japan.

According to Liry Onni, “The day they were supposed to apologize, they first played the song ‘Permission to Dance’, they started by saying ‘this is a great song’ sarcastically. kept insisting that it was personal opinion that made the fandom finicky and that they were doing all of this because they didn’t like talking badly about their favorite band.

Host Shirry said, “We don’t really have to, but yes we do think that in some form of the language we used, maybe our language was not accepted, maybe we did. ‘she was a bit strong for you. That way, I think it’s valid to apologize. It’s official. These are the official apologies. We wanted to do it in the official language of K-pop, which originated in South Korea. So here is our official statement in Korean.

In a recorded message in Korean (which sounded like an audio from Google’s translation), the program said, “The morning shift wants to say the following to BTS fans,” then played the national anthem of the South Korea.

While the Korean national anthem was being played, Carreño took photos of Shirry, who posed with different facial expressions. Then, the opening Korean song of the anime “Dragon Ball Z” was played.

Another recorded message was played which read: “Mazamorra mushrooms, empanada, tamales coming out of tamales. As they say, lukewarm empanadas come home, serve them warming them very hot. Remember, tamales save lives. Mega with love, mega con amor [mega with love]. ”

Colombian BTS ARMYs pointed out that “as you can see, there was never a direct apology from the staff at La Mega, and instead they continued to ignore the issue. They (brought) on an audio off-topic, which was full of talk that to us seems xenophobic by mixing Korean and Japanese culture in a purported excuse to South Korean artists and kept on (cynicism). They also used a national symbol as it is the national anthem of South Korea, and mixed it with the opening song of the Japanese animated series Dragon Ball Z, which has no correlation between them.

“These actions show not only the lack of professionalism and ethics of radio hosts, but also of radio CEOs, who let their hosts continue to do this type of action, showing a lack of interest in solving the problem. and to pose a mocking attitude towards not only ARMY and their listeners, but also towards BTS and their nationality, disrespecting national symbols and showing once again their lack of professionalism and work ethic ”, according to the official statement of the fan base.

They added, “After reviewing several aspects of the situation with our staff, we decided this afternoon to present the case, with all relevant evidence, to the most significant entity in South Korea in Colombia, and who is directly affected by the problem, and we are currently awaiting a response.




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