Colorado radio show aims to inspire young people to pursue careers in journalism

Sylvia Kehm is February’s “journalist of the month”. The seventh grader reported on the radio show and interviewed Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

DENVER — When asked about their career aspirations, some of the most common answers young children give include doctors, teachers and astronauts, but they rarely say they want to be journalists.

In an effort to change that, former Colorado news anchor Rodolfo Cardenas wants to inspire young people to pursue careers in journalism by launching a program called Reporter of the Month.

The program involves inviting bilingual students to participate in its newscast and win prizes. Students learn how to write a report and record interviews, and they receive ideas on topics that could be developed. They then present these reports on his radio show “Hablemos Hoy” on KNRV 1150 AM.

The “Reporter of the month” selected for February is Sylvia Kehm, 12 years old. She is a seventh grade student at Escuela de Guadalupe, a bilingual school in Denver. Kehm learned to write and produce news segments in Spanish, like the one in the video above, where she presents a news segment about the end of mask mandates in Colorado.

According to El Comercio, Kehm considers Spanish her first language even though she was born to American parents. The Colorado native said in an interview that growing up with Mexican neighbors helped her learn the language. Her parents also spent a year in Guatemala, which allowed them to also learn Spanish, which is now the language spoken at home.

She had the opportunity to interview Governor Jared Polis for one of her stories.

You can listen to Polis’ interview below.

9NEWS will continue to highlight each month’s winner until the final competition, which will give students a chance to become “Reporter of the Year” and receive a $1,500 scholarship.

Cardenas said he hopes getting students into the studio and producing news segments will motivate them to participate in extracurricular activities in the field of communications and pursue a career in the field of journalism.

It also seeks to help students improve their writing in Spanish.

Cardenas previously told 9NEWS that in addition to inviting students to participate in the program during visits to schools across the state, he would take the opportunity to discuss the industry and the importance and responsibility of being a journalist.

Cardenas launched the first Spanish language newscast in Colorado 25 years ago, and today he continues to impact the community with his Spanish radio show “Hablemos Hoy”.

Who can participate?

  • 7th through 12th graders

What does it consist of?

  • A student produces three or four weekly reports which are included in the “Hablemos Hoy” news bulletins on KNRV 1150 AM each month.

How and who selects the winner of each school?

  • Students compete by writing a 15-second feature on any topic of their choice. A group of three journalists read the report and select the best.

What are the awards and recognitions?

  • The journalist of the month will receive a radio and press interview, a plaque and a $150 gift card.
  • The journalist of the year will receive an interview on the radio and in the press, a plaque and a scholarship of $1,500.

How can schools participate?

  • Schools interested in participating can contact [email protected] They are accepting submissions now for the months of September through December.

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