Councilors support the radio station’s campaign to improve street lighting in our parks

Cumbernauld Community Park

At the last meeting of North Lanarkshire Council before the May election, members unanimously backed an SNP motion tabled by Councilor Fiona Fotheringham.

The Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle have regularly reported on the levels of use of beauty spots like Cumbernauld House Park and Colzium Estate during the lockdown, but unfortunately anti-social behavior has also played a part in increasing demand for these green spaces.

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The motion was a way to maximize the potential of the administration’s parks while ensuring they were well-lit to promote public safety.

It states: “The Council takes note of the campaign launched by Radio Clyde calling for the installation of street lights along the main roads of public parks; and notes that this campaign is supported by a range of individuals and organisations. Providing lighting in our parks could build on the expertise gained through the Park Power initiative and renewable energy could be incorporated into any design.

“This would allow for greater access and better use of these facilities by our residents; Public parks play a very important role in community life; our parks should always be accessible and safe places; promote and encourage year-round activity; that there are enough technological solutions to provide sensitive lighting solutions that keep people safe and promote biodiversity in our parks and open spaces. “The Council therefore agrees to prepare a report in the new committee cycle to provide lighting solutions in all our parks.”

Councilor Fotheringham said parks had proven a “lifeline” for many during the pandemic and green spaces were also “breathing spaces” for people.

She said better lighting in parks would further promote the use of parks by families, dog walkers and others, especially those without gardens of their own.

In support, Councilor Claire Barclay highlighted activity in Cumbernauld’s nature parks and the importance of physical activity, especially for young people.

In her role as chair of the meeting, Provost Jean Jones noted that the motion passed unanimously.

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