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Getting vaccinated should be a personal choice, says Dr. Howard Njoo, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer of Canada.

The Blacklock Reporter Njoo said to unvaccinated friends it’s their personal choice, but recommends that they take precautions, such as avoiding large gatherings.

According to figures from the Public Health Agency, four million eligible Canadians have refused their COVID-19 injections.

“My wife and I are fully vaccinated so it’s okay,” Njoo told reporters. He said his adult children had also been vaccinated, but added: “I don’t know if they are actually listening to me.

“I will say that I have had conversations with friends who are going through more difficult times, especially with family members who are not vaccinated at all or who are only partially vaccinated,” Njoo said.

“If a family member is not vaccinated, you should politely explain your situation and your level of discomfort, and if they choose not to be vaccinated, that is their choice.

“There are consequences in terms of even family dynamics and others feeling safe to come together. So I’ll leave it at that.

About 82% of Canadians are fully immunized, according to an official estimate. Among Canadians over 80, the group that accounts for the majority of deaths from COVID-19 in Canada, immunization coverage is 91%.

Among Canadians of all ages over 12, full vaccination rates range from 75% in Alberta and Saskatchewan to 81% in New Brunswick, 82% in British Columbia and Ontario, 83% in Manitoba, 84 % in Nova Scotia, 85% in Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador, and 87% in Prince Edward Island, according to a report by the Health Agency.

“For the first time since mid-July, the epidemic has emerged from a nationwide growth pattern,” said Dr Theresa Tam, head of public health.

While COVID-19 is unlikely to “go away completely” this winter, “with the level of immunization coverage we have achieved in Canada to date, we are much better protected as the respiratory infection season approaches. “Tam said.

The remarks followed an Oct. 6 Treasury Board directive saying unvaccinated federal employees could experience lost wages and health benefits if they did not complete a questionnaire indicating they had been immunized. The documents show that individual federal agencies already have vaccination rates of up to 97%.

The Treasury in a The policy detailed numerous exemptions covering some 212,000 employees governed by separate acts of Parliament outside of the “core public administration,” including federal judges, Parks Canada wardens, postal workers, tax collectors. ‘taxes, Canadian Food Inspection Agency meat inspectors and members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Under contracts and collective agreements with federal unions, the Treasury Board cannot terminate employees based on their medical history.


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