Dakshina Kannada school transforms radio station to rid kids of stage fright | Mangaluru News

MANGALURU: At lunchtime, a rural school in Belthangady taluk in Dakshina Kannada district becomes a radio station so that students can overcome stage fright by singing, reciting, imitating or making jokes.
At the Mariambika English-Medium School in Bebdrabettu, 16 km from Belthangady town, the radio station, as it is called, started four years ago. The microphone went silent due to the pandemic when schools closed, but when classes resumed on campus, students returned to sing and recite with more confidence.
Sister Leena, who heads the institution, said the case was straightforward when they launched the station.
Every child would have the opportunity to perform and no one would be judged. “It started four years ago with the intention of helping students in rural areas. The kids were scared of the stage and we decided to give them 15 minutes a day to get them out. since then and the students have seen positive changes in them, ”she said.
The school has around 500 students in grades 1 to 10.
She said that children are free to do whatever they are good at. “Some sing, others make jokes, make facial expressions, talk about current affairs, organize quizzes, recite poems or stage skits. Teachers allocate time slots to children according to the class. there, these children finish their lunch early and run to fetch the microphone installed in the hallway of the school; other children listen to them through loudspeakers connected to each class.
Sister Leena said there was a change when the students returned to school after the lockdown. “We noticed that they were bolder and more direct after the pandemic. Participation is more active compared to the days before Covid,” she said.
The initiative caught the attention of the Ministry of Education.
Shambhu Shankar, coordinator of the bouldering resource center in Belthangady taluk, visited the school.
“This activity improves students’ listening and speaking skills in their free time,” Shankar said, adding, “It also helps overcome fear of the stage and is 100% use of their free time. . I was overwhelmed listening to a student talk about environmentalist Saalumarada Thimmakka in English. ”

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