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Jason Klein has just started as Senior Director of Educational Partnerships and Learning Solutions with Northern Illinois University College of Education and the Center for P-20 Engagement.

He has spent the past 25 years working at almost every level of education. He has served as a teacher, technology and instruction manager, principal, and assistant superintendent. Now he works with state agencies, advocacy groups and many others to help schools collaborate and find solutions across Illinois.

And Cara Ryan, an adapted physical education teacher in Sandwich. Long-time listeners of this show might know that I’m from Sandwich. And guess what, almost 10 years ago I helped teach physical education with Cara. For the host of a show called Teachers’ Lounge, that was as close as it gets to being a teacher. I talk about how I was able to help her teach 4th and 5th grade PE classes, we look back at how Cara has changed as a teacher in the decade since I saw her and I talk about her passion for adapted physical education.

We’re also bringing you more education stories and, as promised, a brand new segment – Class Match! Erik Czerwin returns to each episode to document what it feels like during a school year!

If you’ve never listened before, our show is based on an idea – we’ve all had teachers in our lives who shaped who we are. And we want to know the teachers who inspired you. Every educator we have on the Teacher Show, whether teacher, coach, counselor or professor, is nominated by our listeners.

So tell us about the person that comes to mind. Email us and nominate an educator at [email protected] and they could be on the show!

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