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Produced with KPBS from 1979-1988, Enfoque Nacional is a study of the Latinx culture, history, and identity of the United States. Listen to some episodes on NPR.org and NPR A.

Enfoque Nacional was NPR’s first Spanish-language news magazine, broadcast weekly from 1979 to 1988. The sounds and stories of this program bring to life the movements and ideologies that have influenced and shaped the emerging Latin identity – from the immigration, labor issues and civil wars to education, women’s empowerment and language preservation. These stories are not only important to the history of Latinx, they are vital to the understanding of American history and media history.

Created by host Hector Molina and executive producer Jose Mireles, Enfoque was co-produced with KPBS in San Diego, California. Drawing on a network of more than 80 Latinx journalists, the program has covered local and international events and news across the United States and Latin America, including Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina and Chile.

The thousands of stories produced over the program’s nearly decade-long span provide a wealth of primary sources and access to the unique voices of Latinx journalists and the communities they serve.

Beyond covering more impactful stories, Enfoque Nacional featuring pieces about artists, musicians and cultural figures from Latinx.

Enfoque also reported on micro-identities within the Latinx community – including stories about women, LGBTQ + figures, Afro-Latinos, and Indigenous communities – at a time when such stories were hard to come by.

NPR’s original mission statement included a goal to “speak with many voices and dialects”. More recently, NPR made a commitment to “look and be like America”. Although Enfoque Nacional is only a small part of the entire history of Spanish-language broadcasting in the United States, its legacy needs to be highlighted in the context of NPR’s mission of inclusion.

We invite you to explore these stories as we republish content from the Enfoque Nacional archives. Listen to select episodes on NPR.org and NPR One.

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