Finding the LIGHT and the counter-narrative | Teachers’ lounge radio show

Our Teachers’ Lounge podcast is now on the radio! We’ve got all the Illinois teacher interviews and education stories you love — plus exclusive segments — in a one-hour monthly show on WNIJ the last Friday of every month at 11 a.m. You can also listen here, right now!

High school social science teacher Nick Haberman joins the show to talk about how he started the LIGHT Education Initiativecentered on human rights and Holocaust education.

Then we hear from Charles Williams! He is the vice principal of Michele Clark Magnet High School in Chicago. Williams hosts the podcast “The counter-narrativewhich is about changing the way we think about education. And, his new show is – appropriately for this time of year – “Scary School Stories.”

We’re also bringing you more educational stories and, as promised, an exclusive segment on the radio – class correspondent! High school teacher Erik Czerwin looks back on each episode to document what it feels like over the course of a school year!

If you’ve never listened before, our show is based on an idea – we’ve all had teachers in our lives who shaped who we are. And we want to hear about the teachers who inspired you. Every educator we have on the Teacher Show, whether teacher, coach, counselor or professor, is nominated by our listeners.

So tell us about the person that comes to mind. Email us and nominate an educator at [email protected] and they could be on the show!

Don’t worry, the podcast isn’t going anywhere. You can always watch episodes every other Friday on or wherever you get podcasts.

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