Former LPD chief calls mayor-president Guillory’s radio show


A week after former Lafayette Police Chief Thomas Glover was sacked by President Mayor Josh Guillory 10 months after his appointment, Glover called Guillory’s weekly show on KPEL on Thursday morning to speak directly to the mayor -President of his dismissal.

Glover called during the last segment of “Lafayette Live”, after another caller said he would like to hear in Guillory’s own words why he “suddenly let Glover go”. The mayor-president responded by saying he knew interim boss Wayne Griffin would do a great job, but provided no reason for Glover’s dismissal.

“We are all committed to public safety here in Lafayette, and that’s kind of my motivation to work with [Griffin]Guillory said. But I look forward to the future and know our police service is in good hands. ”

When the appellant pressed again for an explanation, Guillory repeated his answer.

“Appreciate your kind words. We’re just focused on the future. If I could say other things I would, but we’re going to stick to the process and it’s about people and we’re going to leave it at that. ”

The show then moved on to the next caller, who introduced himself as former Chief Glover. He began by congratulating Griffin, saying he had only good things to say about the acting chief, who previously served as the department’s public information officer.

“I noticed when I got there what his role was and kept him close to me. My comments are strictly for the mayor-president. After he unlawfully fired me for no reason, he now trying to make things. He goes everywhere asking the officers and people in the community what have I done as the chief of police so that he can find something. It seems like the cart before the horse. He looks like the cart before the horse. should have asked what I was doing before I fired. So I’m very disappointed. “

Glover then mentioned how he worked to improve his and LPD’s relationship with the community.

“The LPD is as close to the community as it has ever been. I started the community relations committee meetings when I took office. The march scheduled for October 25, the food that is served, I orchestrated everything. I am very disappointed, all the murders that were committed in Lafayette, they were bad, they were terrible, but I had developed such a good relationship with the community that all, all had been solved except one. And so I am very disappointed. ”

He said there had to be a way for Guillory to “explain to the community and to me why I was fired for no reason.” Glover ended by saying he’s not giving up.

“The only thing I can say is that I am relentless in my quest for justice. I will continue this for the next two years until election time. I will not do it, I will not stop. He is counting on the people of Lafayette for a short memoir. He is counting on the people who will forgive him for the injustice he has done me. And he will, I promise you, he will continue and do the same during the next two years which I have been doing for 10 months. ”

Glover added that he would like to return to KPEL because, having been present earlier this week, “a lot has been exposed to me … I’m in an undisclosed location and now working on my line to it all, and It’s going to be devastating for the mayor-president to do what he did for me and I will, I will get justice, and that’s all I have to say.

“The group that I will never run out of are the people of Lafayette,” replied Guillory. “I have the utmost respect for our wonderful citizens, our wonderful community. As a former employee, everyone has the right to go to the media and say whatever they want. As mayor- president, I don’t always have that luxury, it’s not my responsibility to do that. These conversations regarding previous employment, personal files, it’s really a personnel matter, and I will respect the process, and I will respect our former employees, all of them, [and] rely on our HR department, legal department … “

Listen to the full segment with Glover’s call and KPEL’s response from Guillory below:

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