Full Boston Public Radio broadcast: July 22, 2022

Today on Boston Public Radio:

We started the show by opening phone lines, talking to listeners from the hearing on January 6th.

Devra First and Christopher Muther joined us in sharing their list of hidden gems on Cape Cod. First wrote about food and restaurant reviews for the Boston Globe. Muther is a travel writer for the Boston Globe.

Shirley Leung discussed efforts to protect abortion rights in Massachusetts and the state of the MBTA following the Orange Line train fire over the Mystic River on Thursday. Leung is a business columnist for the Boston Globe.

Bill McKibben spoke about his recent book, “The Flag, the Cross, and the Station Wagon: A Grizzled American Reflects on His Suburban Childhood and Wonders What the Hell Happened.” He also shared his thoughts on heat waves in the United States and Europe. McKibben is an author, educator and environmentalist. He is the founder of 350.org and ThirdAct.org. He has a new newsletter on Substack titled “The Crucial Years” and a new serialized book titled “The Other Cheek: An Epic Nonviolent Yarn.”

Andy Ihnatko updated us on the latest tech headlines, focusing on the publishing industry’s lawsuit against the Internet Archive. Ihnatko is a technology writer and blogger, posting on Ihnatko.com.

David Ibbett and James Monroe talked about translating black hole science into song through the Black Hole Symphony. Cellist Johnny Mok, soprano Agnes Coakley Cox and flautist and piccolo player Jessica Smith performed. Ibbett is the founder of the Multiverse concert series and the composer and conductor of the Black Hole Symphony. Monroe is the senior producer of adult programs and theater experiences at the Science Museum.

We then asked listeners to share their favorite places to visit on Cape Cod.

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