I got banned from a big radio station but I don’t know why

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If you follow this saga, we are now in chapter 2.

To make it up to you… Part 1 was yesterday when I blamed Gio from WFAN for putting bad juju in the world about losing your wallet.

Gio played on Twitter joking that he has superpowers to cause people to lose things, or teams he destroys, etc.

I was pretty sure Gio recognized his bad juju, but I had to call and make sure he recognized it. So I called the show.

Gio admitted his mistake, especially after threatening to talk to management, aka his former boss Mike Francesa (whom he makes an impression on). I did a Chris Russo impression, he did Mike, we shared some laughs.

Then Gio mentioned that Al Dukes couldn’t take my call because my number was blocked on their calling system.

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I was shocked. How could I, the number 1 caller on terrestrial and satellite radio, be blocked by the biggest radio station in New York and a place I didn’t listen to growing up, but called a ton , and even appeared as a guest?

He also said that I only called 92 times and was on air once…

A quick check of the files shows this to be very wrong.

Like the time I called Mike Francesa to wish him a happy birthday and give him a pickaxe (spoiler – it won with ease).

Or the time I called Mike Francesa and tried to talk about horses, to which he quickly said “I’m not a HAWSE guy”

Or the time I walked into a match screaming about Derek Jeter

So Gio clearly got the facts wrong, maybe I’ll have to call Monday to get another apology. But nevertheless, Gio asks how this could have happened.

I know I had only been on air with Boomer and Gio once in my life and that was when I trashed Doug Gottlieb, so I explained that must have been the reason.

Gio seemed to agree and swore that now that WFAN knows my number and resume, even though I’m still stuck, they’ll take my calls in the future. Happy ending for me and Gio for sure.

The real story here is that Boomer Esiason is NOT a ryder. He had to text Frannie Lydon aka Hank and was persuaded to join the red-light district gang run by the best of Scituate.

He researched public transportation and my cell phone service.

Overall, I think some laughed, but we need to find out who silenced me at WFAN and blocked my number. I was really upset to hear this, and I’m glad we worked it out, but I really need to know who would want to shut me up so badly that they went into the system and blocked my number…

I know one thing… my man Tom Izzo would never do that.

Maybe one day we will have our answer. This saga continues…

Here is the full call..

happy friday

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