Jamie Cannon: Family makes emotional plea on BBC radio show



The cousin of the missing Saltcoats teenager, Jamie Cannon, made an emotional appeal on national radio this afternoon as the search enters its fifth month.

Jamie was last seen Thursday, May 20 around 10 a.m. on Kinnier Road. He was reported missing on Saturday May 22.

The 19-year-old is described as being 6ft 1in tall and wearing gray sweatpants, gray sneakers and a blue jacket when he was last seen. He was also wearing a camouflage backpack.

Jamie’s cousin Leanne Graham spoke on the BBC Drivetime show this afternoon [Tuesday, September 21] on family efforts to keep the 19-year-old in public consciousness: “Jamie is a typical young man, he just loved life and going to work at Cecchini’s in Ardrossan and chilling out with his friends. He was learning masonry. To college.

“Lots of friends and a great life.

“It was absolutely devastating not knowing where he is. Every day we are just devastated, he never came home.

“You just expect him to come back through the door someday.

“It has now been 123 days since he was last seen.”

Asked by presenter John Beattie about what is being done to search for Jamie, Leanne explained the efforts in the Three Towns to search for her cousin, she said: “The whole family goes out every day and searches with the police. .

“We were successful in getting a team from Northern Ireland, K9 Search and Rescue who raised money because it is a charity.

“They have more dogs than Police Scotland, they can cover large areas with dogs instead of just one dog.”

Much of the research activity has centered around the former ICI factory in Stevenston, much of which is inaccessible to the public and riddled with dangerous buildings.

She explained: “The public is not allowed to enter the ICI in Stevenston which is one of the searched locations so the police and dogs are searching it. It is a dangerous area and we are not trained. to look in this part.

“We entered once but were asked to leave because it is dangerous.”
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Leanne also spoke to the BBC about Jamie’s last recorded movements and the reasons for the lack of footage since: “The last time he was seen was about half an hour after he left the house that morning. . [on May 22].

“He was on his way to college. It was the last sighting, he hasn’t been picked up anywhere since.

“Tapes from nearby supermarkets were on repeat by the time the police reached them. We’ll never know if he got in a car.

“He didn’t convert his bank card, his phone wasn’t pinged, it was broken, and his SIM card wasn’t inserted into a new phone.”

When asked what she wants and what the audience can do, Leanne concluded:

“I just want everyone to keep sharing the posts about Jamie we posted trying to get him home for Lynn, John and his two brothers.

“Her mom is absolutely devastated, she has a brave face but she’s falling apart inside without having Jamie at home.

“I just want him to walk through the door or the police to find him sitting in someone’s house.

“Just come home, he won’t have any problem. We just want him to come back with his brothers.”


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