Kazakh Citizen Launches “Qazaq Time” Radio Program in New York to Promote Kazakh Culture in the United States



NUR-SULTAN – Kazakh citizen Daniyar Kozhan started a Kazakh radio show in New York. “Qazaq time” aims to introduce and promote Kazakhstan to the United States.

From L to R: Dimash Niyazov, first Kazakh policeman in New York; Almat Aidarbekov, Consul General of Kazakhstan in New York; Daniyar Kozhan, founder of the Qazaq time radio program in New York. Photo credits : Daniyar Kojan.

The existing Russian-language radio station in New York, Freedom FM, provided two hours of news and music broadcasting in Kazakh.

The first broadcast of the program began with the song by famous Kazakh pop singer Dimash Kudaibergen, who has an army of fans in the United States and other countries abroad.

The first broadcast took place on January 26. The Consul General of Kazakhstan in New York Almat Aidarbekov, the hosts of Zhuldyz FM radio in Kazakhstan, as well as the first Kazakh policeman in New York Dimash Niyazov were invited as guests.

“As we all know, the role of radio in the contemporary world is still great. It is still a media channel close to consumers and dynamic. I broadcast Kazakh radio to America, ”Kozhan said.

“We were all missing a piece of Kazakhstan abroad. After reflection, the choice was imposed. I want to make the voice of Kazakhstan heard by all people in the United States. With this, I wish to contribute to the development of the Kazakh language, ”he added.

The radio broadcasts about the life of Kazakhs abroad, especially their life in the United States. Additionally, Kozhan shares news from Kazakhstan and the United States as well as interesting facts about his homeland.

In order to receive comments from the public, the radio has launched a question-and-answer section, in which listeners can ask and send all their questions to the show’s guests and host.

“My goal is to introduce Kazakhstan to the United States and make Kazakhs feel like part of their homeland abroad. The history of Kazakhstan is an inseparable part of me and I want to share it with everyone. I am grateful to Kazakhstan for my childhood, as well as for the multinational friendship and hospitality I experienced there. I will try to continue celebrating the Kazakh culture, customs and traditions in the United States, ”Kozhan said.

Kozhan, from Almaty, graduated from the Kazakhstan University of Humanitarian Law with a law degree. For over three years, he lived and worked in New York City as a public relations manager for a law firm.


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