Kyle Sandilands bans new NSW premier from Hi Radio



Kyle Sandilands has officially drawn a line in the sand with the new Premier of New South Wales.

Dominic Perrottet was elected by the New South Wales Liberal Party to lead them and govern the state after Gladys Berejiklian resigned last week amid a corruption probe against him.

While the outgoing Prime Minister has urged everyone to support his successor, it looks like radio host Kylie Sandilands doesn’t have a helm of him.

During a segment this week, celebrity psychic Georgina Walker explained to Kyle and her co-host Jackie O about Mr. Perrottet’s past public statements.

Ms Walker predicts he will be a “very good leader,” but admits he will “likely ruffle a lot of feathers” because of his “religious beliefs.”

Credit: Kyle and Jackie O Show

A shocked Kyle told his listeners and his team, “Oh, this guy has to go, he’s never allowed on the show, just so you know. He’s not allowed, I don’t want to. of this garbage. ”

He added that he really didn’t like the Prime Minister’s “vibe” and asked his producers never to invite him on the show.

Perrottet has previously opposed the decriminalization of abortion as well as the legalization of same-sex marriage, and said he was not a fan of neutral language and the “pronoun police”.

The conservative father of six described marriage as “every child’s basic right to grow up with their own mother and father,” while he said those who support termination of pregnancy are “bad. side of the story “.

He also claimed that welfare needs to be tightened as it leads to higher divorce rates and lone-parent families, according to News Corp.

Mr Perrottet believes climate change is a “religion for the left” and opposes legislation that would require Catholic priests to notify police if a priest confesses to committing sexual abuse during confession.

Kyle Sandilands said: “How can someone run a state like New South Wales and be anti-abortion and anti-gay?”

But the Prime Minister has hit back at those who criticize him for his conservative religious beliefs.

“People should judge people by who they are and what they say, not on the basis of any religious element, and I am very proud to have a strong Christian faith,” he said.

“Does that in any way take away from my ability to serve as Prime Minister? Well, I don’t think so, and I think it’s a sad thing that some people do.

“But I think people across our state believe in freedom of religion and the freedom to serve in public life, regardless of your ethnicity, your religious values.”

MP Epping, who is the youngest politician to become Premier of New South Wales at just 39, said diversity should be celebrated rather than demonized.

“I am incredibly passionate, I work hard, and as Prime Minister I will serve everyone across the state, regardless of your beliefs and religion,” he said.


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