Listener-Supported Public Radio Station KRVS Opens Fall Fundraiser



LAFAYETTE, Louisiana (KLFY) – Lafayette-based NPR-affiliated radio station KRVS is in the midst of its biannual fundraiser. KRVS is a public, audience-supported station whose mission is to showcase Acadian culture while educating and entertaining listeners.

KRVS organizes two fundraisers per year to support its mission of supporting local artists, musicians, writers, etc. Radio hosts and staff perform live each fall and spring to encourage listeners to donate to the station. The fall fundraiser runs from October 15 to 24, 2021.

Listeners can call and donate during live presentation hours at 337-482-KRVS (5787), or donate online at

“As a public radio station, KRVS’s mission is to provide quality programming that educates and entertains,” said Acting CEO Patrick Mold, “but also to underline the uniqueness of this region anyway. . For decades our music has captured the attention of enthusiasts around the world.

KRVS local programming focuses on the unique cultures of Acadiana with animated programming in Cajun French and Louisiana Creole, as well as animated programming in Spanish. KRVS also offers locally produced shows featuring world music such as K-POP, Reggae, Afropop, Japanese rock, Celtic, Kréyol, etc.

KRVS programming is available on the dial at 88.7 FM, online via their free and on-demand live broadcast. in line.

Live performances by Daiquiri Queens, Roddie Romero & Michael Juan Nunez, & Dustin Gaspard of DG & the Freetown Sound will be presented throughout the week during the KRVS Medicine Ball Caravan rock / alternative program hosted by Cecil Doyle at 11 a.m. at noon.


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