National public radio show ‘The Moth’, podcast selects Tulsa for pop-up porch

The Moth, a national public radio show and podcast, selected Tulsa for the launch of The Moth Pop-Up Porch.

Community members have the chance to meet Moth staff members, share their own experiences, and listen to past podcasts. In 25 years of storytelling, The Moth has never been to Tulsa.

“We wanted to understand what it’s like to live in Tulsa,” said Heather Colvin, brand partnerships manager. “There’s a tremendous amount of history here and it’s just important that we make sure our listeners hear that.”

Laura Bellis was one of the many people who decided to share her story with The Moth. Originally from Philadelphia, she moved to Tulsa and wasn’t sure if she would be happy.

Now Bellis has a successful career and started a family. She encourages all members of the community to come and share their stories.

“Everyone’s story is so important and some of those stories that may seem like a little personal story can reflect much larger things and experiences. And it’s so powerful that anyone in our community is offered the opportunity to share her story on a larger platform,” Bellis said. “I think it can help highlight the importance of those experiences and how we think about and perceive our city.

The pop-up porch will be at Gathering Place throughout the weekend.

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