New home for Basingstoke community radio station



SINCE 2019, award-winning UNHCR has been filling Basingstoke airwaves with a celebration of all things, the arts and entertainment.

In October 2021, the community radio station is taking the next steps on its journey by moving to a new studio within The Orchard, at the Basingstoke Volunteer Headquarters, next to the War Memorial Park.

Mary Robinson, Operations Manager BVA said: “We are really delighted at BVA to have UNHCR join our community of charities based here in The Orchard. We seek to encourage all of our center based charities and member organizations to participate in radio discussions, which will help support and promote all of the good work being done here by our nonprofits.

The orchard is the center of charities, community groups and volunteer services across the borough and therefore UNHCR being a community radio run by volunteers certainly fits the mandate of the building.

Before moving, the UNHCR presenters completed their initial training at BVA, which is essential to understand how the center works and to further shape the radio station by providing the required services in its new home.

Christine Rowley, UNHCR Training Officer commented: “All of our volunteer presenters were impressed with the new office suite, including a new recording studio and are really excited to start when UNHCR moves in. It will be so good to work with other charities and showcase our station locally.

The new house will allow UNHCR to continue to build on its broad program of programs which includes Community Corner, Super 70’s, Poems for Pleasure, Latin Muddle, shows dedicated to soul, rock, the 80s, 90s as well as ‘to music and chat choices during the day. UNHCR broadcasts 24/7.


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