New poll shows Beshear’s approval rating is 60% statewide

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear has a 60% approval rating statewide, according to a poll by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy.

This is 5% more than a survey conducted last year by the same organization.

When it comes to the demographics of the poll, Beshear received more support among women, people over 50, and Democrats, regardless of age or gender.

Geographically, Beshear received the highest approval from Metro Louisville residents at 69% and the lowest among Western Kentucky residents at 51%.

The only group with which he has not received majority approval are Republicans. He voted 39% with this group.

During his tenure as governor, Beshear faced both criticism and praise for his early handling of the pandemic. He continues to tout the merits of economic investments in the state during his tenure. He also received strong support from lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels for his actions following December’s devastating tornadoes.

“Governor. Beshear has continued to put Kentucky families and Kentucky’s economy before politics, and with his leadership, we are emerging with the strongest economy in our history,” the Democratic Party executive director said. of Kentucky, Sebastian Kitchen, in a press release.

The poll also focused on the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Senator Rand Paul and former State Representative Charles Booker, a Democrat.

The poll found that 55% of Kentuckians would vote for Paul if an election were held today, while Booker received 39% of that vote.

Paul’s campaign viewed the poll as evidence that Kentucky voters support his policy positions.

“Kentuckians continue to support Dr. Paul because of his opposition to defunding police, open borders and more lockdowns,” Jake Cox, deputy campaign manager, said in an emailed statement. .

Booker explained that he used to be the “underdog” in the polls.

“In my previous election run, I was out more than 40 to 1, and about 6 months before Election Day the polls had me down 50 points,” Booker said in an emailed statement. . “Even against one of the best-funded campaigns in the United States, I came within inches of winning.”

In the 2020 Democratic primary, Booker lost to retired fighter pilot Amy McGrath by less than 3%. McGrath would go on to lose in the primary race to incumbent, then Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell.

On both a demographic and geographic basis, Paul outpaced Booker in every category except Democrats and Metro Louisville residents.

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