New Radio Show on Our Planet Earth Day Preview


AUSTIN, Texas – The Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin will launch a new radio show, “Earth Date,“Earth Day, April 22. A two-minute weekly radio show,” EarthDate “will focus on the workings and complexity of our planet – its geology, environment and major geological events, both distant and newer.

“We are really excited about the launch of ‘EarthDate,‘a program that we believe will change the way people think about their relationship with the Earth and the environment, “said Scott W. Tinker, the voice of” EarthDate “and director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, who is producing the program. “Earth is a complex place with complex geological and atmospheric systems. “EarthDate” will help listeners discover the natural wonders of the planet, the resources it provides, and how these resources are infused into all aspects of modern life. And all in a very entertaining way!

Tinker predicts that “EarthDate” will be picked up by hundreds of radio stations across the country.

“The office has funded the development of ‘EarthDate’,” says Tinker, “but we’re always open to potential sponsors.”

The fair will draw on experts from around the world, including researchers from UT Austin Jackson School of Geosciences, of which the Bureau of Economic Geology is a major research unit.

Listeners can enjoy the first 10 two-minute episodes of “EarthDate” for free, and learn much more about the topics covered, by visiting the show’s website, Fans are encouraged to tune in to their local NPR radio station to hear upcoming episodes each week, and are encouraged to ask their other favorite local radio stations to air “EarthDate” if they aren’t already.


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