Noonan’s new radio show is looking to make waves

By Marcus Uhe

Michelle Anne Noonan’s new Casey Radio program brings her love of poetry to the airwaves of the Southeast.

Ms. Noonan launched ‘Poets Corner’, an hour of poetic power on Sunday afternoons in January, featuring emerging creators from across the region to showcase their skills and discuss the art.

Ms Noonan has been writing poetry since she was a child, growing up immersing herself in Shakespeare and the language of Old English, despite the extra research needed to find out what she was actually reading.

She led a poetry group called “Poetry Pastures” and wrote several books, including “Silence Speaks Beauty” and “Sensual Whispers.”

“I love writing poetry, going out in the middle of the weekend, laying out a picnic rug and just writing,” Ms Noonan said of her relationship with literacy.

“Throughout high school, I wrote a lot of poetry. I wrote poems for people in relationships when they didn’t know what to say to their partner.

Ms. Noonan coordinates the animation of the show as a volunteer around her full-time professional commitments in customer relations.

Each week, the show seeks to highlight a different topic; Her first show coincided with January 26 and was Australia Day themed, and in the coming weeks her show will highlight love (February 20), hilarious rhymes (February 27), Mental Health Awareness (March 6) and Independent Poets (March 13).

One of the show’s goals is to promote the use of poetry as an effective coping mechanism for people struggling with their mental health.

Ms Noonan hopes children and teenagers will follow her lead and start putting pen to paper, as a way to cope with the ups and downs of adolescence that have been compounded by Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions .

“Children experience scary things.

“Sitting down with a pen and putting it on a piece of paper can really help.”

There are no limits to the style or genre of the poem, with poets of all levels encouraged to submit their work and grow the region’s community of creative writers.

Poets Corner airs Sunday afternoons at 5 p.m. on Casey Radio, 97.7FM.

If you would like your work to be shared on the air, simply email [email protected] with an audio recording of your work.

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