Nurses’ union denounces call for return to work

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Pierre Veschaffelt

Kerri Nuku: Nurses’ union denounces call for return to work

The organization of nurses is turned upside down. Covid-positive nurses are being asked to return to work.

New guidance from the Ministry of Health indicates that non-symptomatic Covid-positive workers can return to work without self-isolating if a service is at risk of being significantly compromised due to a shortage of staff.

They can return to work on the sixth day after returning a negative RAT, or work in wards where all patients had Covid.

Union kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku says the order creates an unacceptable risk to the public and to an already exhausted and fatigued healthcare workforce.

“This whole dilemma is chaotic. We need to make sure that as we rise during this time there are difficult conversations that need to take place as we cannot continue to change health orders to respond to a crisis that this government and previous governments have chosen to address. ‘ignore,’ she said. said.

Kerri Nuku says one in five nurses is currently off work.

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