People with learning disabilities have their own radio show in Milton Keynes

A new radio show called Snappy Hour is giving a voice to people with learning difficulties in Milton Keynes.

The show, described as heartwarming and inspiring, will air every Sunday on Secklow 105.5FM between 12pm and 1pm. It will launch on Sunday, January 23.

Listeners will get a glimpse of the world through the hearts and minds of people with learning disabilities who attend the education, skills development and work readiness charity, MK SNAP.

Learners of MK SNAP

Matt Cove of Secklow 105.5FM hopes Snappy Hour will be well received by audiences listening on Milton Keynes and will be on the right page.

He said the idea behind the project is to give people with learning disabilities a voice in mainstream media to increase awareness of their thoughts, feelings and situations.

He added, “It has been a lot of fun and a great privilege to work with MK SNAP Learners to create this series. It highlights what they can do, not what they can’t.

Angela Novell, CEO of MK SNAP, said, “The project is inspiring and exciting for people with learning disabilities.”

She added: “It will solve the loneliness of isolation and create a sense of community and socialization for so many who have experienced isolation and disconnection during these unprecedented times.

“This project could address some of the issues of anxiety, bad temper and loss of confidence that this pandemic has raised within an already vulnerable community.”

MK SNAP is a charity that unlocks the talents and skills of people with learning disabilities through a leading program of education, life skills, work readiness and work opportunities – giving them the skills and confidence to see their own unique potential.

They provide education and job training to over 120 adults with learning disabilities five days a week year-round.

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