Perspective: Honoring All of God’s Creatures


As an animal lover, I have paid attention to a range of critters making their presence known in our sheep farm, sometimes in surprising ways. Saint Francis, who cared about all animals and the environment, said that all animals of the sky, land and sea have a part in human life and should be considered as brothers and sisters under the care of creation of God.

My experiences confirm such a prospect – from returning monarch butterflies fluttering around my head in search of our milkweed, to a friendly toad on summer nights waiting in the garage light, eager to be picked up and petted. .

Animals display a curiosity towards us and often a desire to connect. Recently, on my night run with our four border collies chasing each other across the backfield, I heard the familiar bark and howl of a coyote. The sweep of my lantern caught his gleaming eyes, this time not far from us. Sitting on the ATV, I made a lot of noise and turned on the light on his chest, usually resulting in a rushed exit. But holding on, the coyote continued to verbalize, as if he wanted to join us. However, he changed his mind when our Pyrenean watchdog barked, fulfilling his duty to protect our sheep in their fenced pasture.

Remember, “All of God’s creatures have a place in the choir. My fervent hope is that we support an ecology that honors the place of all animals among us.

I’m Connie Seraphine and that’s my point of view.

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