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PALMDALE – The Palmdale School District launched its one-hour bilingual radio show, “Palmdale PROMISE Live / La PROMESA de Palmdale en Vivo” on Monday, with Superintendent Raul Maldonado as its first guest.

“If you ask me, it was fantastic,” Maldonado said in a phone call Monday afternoon. “I felt very comfortable talking about all the great things we have in Palmdale.”

Program host Salvador Villanueva has been a radio veteran for seven years. Locally, he produced “El Depertar de Nuestra Comunidad” and currently produces “Panorama Educativo”. He is a familiar face in the community, having been the coordinator and host of the Cinco de Mayo festival and the host of the Tamale festival. He also wrote articles for Spanish newspapers covering a variety of topics, the district said in a statement.

Maldonado said Villanueva is an easy person to communicate with and made him feel comfortable on air.

“I think Salvador makes me feel like I’m used to the airwaves, but I really am not,” he said. “I am passionate about the ‘Palmdale PROMISE’, telling the story of the ‘Palmdale PROMISE’ is my forte.”

Many parents in the district travel to Los Angeles every working day, so Maldonado hopes they will tune in to the show during their commute to get information about the district and its programming.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 health regulations, only Villanueva can be in the studio. Guests, as well as members of the public, will call to contribute.

The show will focus on the various programs and services offered by the Palmdale School District. Today’s guests, Cassandra Ziskind and Emidio Garcia, will discuss the how, when and why of student registration. Wednesday’s show will feature Sonia Salcedo, who will speak about the double immersion programs available to all students. On Thursday, guest will be Danielle Watson from the Department of Early Childhood Education, who will discuss the goals and benefits of the program. On Friday, the guest speaker is Kathya Arriaran-Buono, the new principal of Palmdale Academy Charter High School, who will speak about the school.

This is the first time that a school district has produced its own daily radio show in the Antelope Valley.

“It’s to have our own brand but also to tell the story of the Palmdale School District and who’s best at telling the story?” I think it’s us, ”said Maldonado. “It’s our employees who take care of the heart and the why and make sure our parents are connected.”

Since the start of the pandemic last year, the District has received numerous requests from parents for additional information. Some parents do not yet have a computer or do not know how to use the District website.

“A lot of them also speak Spanish, so that’s a way to reach them,” said Maldonado.

Future shows will feature parents, students, events and some of the district’s award-winning staff.

The show airs 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., Monday to Friday, on Hermosa radio KUTY 1470 AM. The program is presented in a bilingual format so that both Spanish and English speaking listeners can join in the conversations. People can call by dialing 661-538-1470.


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