Right-wing expert Dan Bongino reportedly pauses radio show amid clash over Covid vaccine mandate



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Right-wing expert Dan Bongino appears to be taking a break from his radio show and is off the air for at least the rest of the week amid a public row over a Covid-19 mandate imposed by Cumulus Media, the radio giant that distributes its show, according to a report on Wednesday.


Several affiliates who play Dan Bongino’s show told the broadcast industry trade magazine Radio ink that Bongino’s program was put in “best of” mode for the rest of the week.

The show, which occupies the noon to 3 p.m. time slot on Cumulus Media’s influential radio network Westwood One, also did not air Tuesday, according to Radio ink.

Zachary Petrizzo, investigative journalist with Salon, tweeted Wednesday morning that he had received information that Bongino was currently on “vacation” from his duties as a radio host with Cumulus.

Cumulus Media and a general information line for Dan Bongino’s show did not immediately respond to requests for comment; Bongino could not be reached immediately by Forbes.

Key context

Bongino’s sudden and so far unexplained departure follows a public clash over the Covid-19 vaccination mandate imposed by Cumulus Media CEO Mary Berner in September. Several of the company’s radio hosts have already quit or been sacked due to the rule, which aimed to return to office on October 11. Bongino himself was fully vaccinated on the advice of his doctors as he battles Hodgkin lymphoma, his team noted. However, the right-wing expert says he believes the vaccination warrants are “unethical” and “immoral”. He threatened to quit his job earlier this month if Cumulus Media didn’t change his tenure.

Chief critic

“Cumulus is going to have to make a decision with me – whether they want to continue this partnership or not,” Bongino told listeners on a recent broadcast. “It’s really unfortunate that people less known than me, who don’t have more than 300 stations, have been summarily kicked out or put in really untenable circumstances because they just want to make a medical decision by them. -same. “


Bongino’s show with Westwood One debuted in May and is distributed to more than 300 stations, according to the company. He holds the time slot previously occupied by the late Rush Limbaugh. Prior to securing this profile raising opportunity, Bongino made a name for himself with years of expertise on shows like Fox News, the now defunct National Rifle Association NRA TV and Alex Jones’ InfoWars. The former Secret Service agent and three-time unsuccessful congressional candidate also has a large following on social media, where his posts regularly outperform those of media giants like The New York Times and Fox News.

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