Russian-Ukrainian War: What Happened Today (April 14)

As Thursday draws to a close in Kyiv and Moscow, here are the main developments of the day:

The Russian missile cruiser Moskva, operating in the Black Sea, sank, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. He said the ship was towed in stormy weather after the ship was damaged and its crew evacuated. Russian officials had said a fire broke out on board and detonated ammunition. The Ukrainian army claimed to have attacked the ship. Neither account has been independently confirmed. Ukrainian officials say the Moskva was the Russian warship in the famous Snake Island incident, in which Ukrainian border guards profanely refused to surrender. It was initially believed that these men had been killed, but they were later released in prisoner exchange.

Russia has accused Ukrainian forces of hitting Russian residential buildings near the Ukrainian border, saying that Ukrainian helicopters fired on a town in the Bryansk region. Separately, the governor of the border region of Belgorod said that Ukraine fired on a local village – the second attack on the area that Russia blamed on Ukraine this month. Previously, The Russian Defense Ministry said that continued cross-border attacks could trigger Russian retaliatory strikes against key command centers in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. Ukrainian officials have accused Russia of plotting to “stir up anti-Ukrainian hysteria”.

Senior US official may soon visit Kyiv to show solidarity with Ukraine. President Biden told reporters his administration was “making that decision now,” but did not confirm further details. The potential trip would follow recent visits to Ukraine by the British prime minister and the presidents of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Russian authorities continue to crack down on anti-war protesters, extending arrests to silent and stealthy protests. An artist from Saint Petersburg would have replacing price tags in a local supermarket with anti-war ratings and now faces up to 10 years in prison for “knowingly spreading false information” about the Russian armed forces. Her lawyer said a client reported the woman to the police.

In depth

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Death toll rises as Ukrainian forces continue to search the outskirts of kyiv.

Previous developments

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