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GOSHEN – Students at Goshen High School interested in broadcasting just got a new teaching option with the creation of a weekly 30-minute radio show hosted in partnership with the local bilingual radio station Radio Horizonte.

According to Brian Sapp, a media professor at GHS who helped launch the new radio program, the idea for the program arose out of his past work with Manuel “Manny” Cortez, president of Radio Horizonte, a bilingual community-based media house. exploited. from the second floor of The Famous building in downtown Goshen.

“I know Manny from a few personal stories I have had with him and Radio Horizonte. So he contacted me awhile ago because he knows I work in high school and gave me a chance for our students to broadcast on their station, ”Sapp said of the origins of the program. “So over the summer and planning for this year, I just decided that I wanted to try and give the students the opportunity to do radio. We had our first show on September 18th on Radio Horizonte, and it was a fun, stimulating, a little crazy experience. Starting a new broadcast or post during COVID, when we’re only there half the time, was a bit difficult. But the students did a great job.

Cortez was quick to accept.

“Oh yeah. Absolutely. It’s just, wow, they’re so excited about it,” Cortez said of the students’ enthusiasm for the program. “With this program, we’re basically trying to promote broadcasting, because we don’t have any other school in Elkhart County that promotes broadcast media, so we’ve been working with the community schools in Goshen for almost a year now on this project, and more specifically with Brian Sapp. He is the right person to do it because he already has broadcast experience.


After deciding to go ahead with the program, tentatively titled GTV Radio, Sapp said he reached out to students in his four media courses to see if any of them would be interested in teaching. its time for the show, the plan being that the program would be a 30-minute bilingual radio show, broadcast once a week on Friday mornings, and split equally between English and Spanish programming.

About six students accepted the offer, and it was from this initial membership that the new GHS radio show was born.

“Radio Horizonte is a bilingual radio station, and I wanted to give the students here a chance to practice these skills and be able to broadcast in Spanish as well as English,” Sapp said of the bilingual aspect of the program. . “Considering the population that is here, many students know Spanish and many of their parents speak mainly Spanish. So, I just wanted to be able to give students the opportunity to practice broadcasting and learn radio, but also to be able to do it where it could be beneficial and useful to more people in different languages.

“So we split into two groups, and I had one group work on the English announcements and the other group on the Spanish announcements,” he added of the process. “And there were a couple of weeks that we worked before the launch, just to get the students in, show them the equipment, try to explain a little bit of the upload process, figure out what kind of information we want. were going to put in our episodes, etc. I really like involving the students and making them appropriate.


Ethan Strite, a senior GHS executive who served as an executive producer on the new show, said he jumped at the opportunity to help launch the show when Sapp pitched the idea to him earlier this year.

“He told me that he was offered airtime on a radio station, and he knew I was interested in the audio department, mainly audio engineering, so he asked me if I wanted to come in and be one of the producers for that. And of course I was interested in doing that, “Strite said of his joining the program.” And even though we were just getting started, it was. a great experience. For my part, I basically work all the mics, tell the station when to switch to prerecorded segments etc. So it’s a little scary. But we’ve gotten to the point where it’s almost entirely run by students, and Mr. Sapp didn’t have to replace or rescue us at any time, so that’s a positive point.

“And working with Radio Horizonte, it’s been great. Station manager Manny was a big help, ”Strite added of Cortez. “He’s a great, down-to-earth guy, and he loves that high school students get to have this opportunity.”


Although currently offered as a simple extracurricular activity in which students volunteer their time outside of normal school hours, Sapp said his goal with the new radio program was to see it eventually grow to the point where he can be offered as a real credit. class in high school.

“I would like to be able to show a need for this and provide students with more opportunities with some media experience, be it technical, on air, writing, etc.,” Sapp told About the program. “So it’s kind of in an experimental phase right now to judge the need, and maybe build word of mouth, and maybe get more people interested and see if we can expand it to. the future.”

Cortez agreed, noting that he is in talks with the Community Foundation of Elkhart County and The United Way to potentially secure additional funding to help the school society upgrade and expand its broadcast equipment and resources in order to do so. place in a permanent broadcast class at high school.

“Personally, I want to thank the community schools in Goshen for allowing us to open this opportunity to the children of Goshen,” he added of the collaboration. “For many of them, this will be their first radio experience before going to college. So we try to train them in schools so that they are ready for the next step.


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