South Florida Radio Station Celebrates 20 Years of Music, Empowerment and Unity



WEST PALM BEACH, Fla .– You’ve heard the phrase “A Voice for the Radio”. A local radio station gives the phrase a very different meaning. Hubbard Radio’s WMBX X102.3 Today’s R&B and flashbacks have been a voice for social issues and underserved communities.

This month the station turned 20. And Thursday morning, they celebrated their birthday with 102 listeners. It is a radio station that is used to making announcements and queues of people answering.

“They care, they give back to the community and to people like me,” said Meka Robinson, X102.3 auditor. “We trust them because they empower us. “

“We say we support the community – but we focus on unity,” added Jasmine Lewis, X102.3 Promotions Manager.


In tribute to listeners who made 20 years possible, the station offered free gasoline Thursday morning to 102 listeners. But DJs like DJ Reggie Dee have bigger appearances planned during their week.



“Tomorrow I start my day by sitting down and talking to the kids at the juvenile detention center,” Dee said. “We’re using our platform in the right way – so it’s important for us to give back to our community. “

In fact, DJs like Dee were actively out of the studio talking about issues like race relations and the police before George Floyd’s death.



“We have a platform. It’s our job to magnify and amplify that message, ”said DJ Don Chris, DJ and X102.3 Content Director. “This is what we are committed to.

DJ Don Chris said that after Floyd’s death they broke the format.

“We had the police chiefs and the Urban League,” he said.

The topics do not end there. Domestic violence, homelessness and youth empowerment are just a few of the issues addressed on air and outside the studio.



“The people at this station have a heart in serving this community,” said Melissa Fiacco, COO of 411 PAIN. “What (people) need most right now is hope.”

“We are in 2021, things are happening and we kind of want to embrace the whole concept of unity”,

“I think it’s important that the audience hears our passion on air, but I also think it’s important that they see us in the community as well,” added Chris. “Seen and heard. “


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