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Yusuf Oketola

SSTAKEHOLDERS in Iwo called on the Osun State government to resuscitate the city’s reality television and radio station.

Stakeholders described the current state of the RRS as disheartening, lamenting that some public assets and inherited state heritage were becoming moribund due to the lack of proper attention from successive state governments.

According to the speakers, reviving the RRS will bring economic prospects and other monumental developments to the city.

The reality TV and radio station was built by the administration of the late Sage, Chief Bola Ige, former Governor of Old Oyo State.

The mission of the founding fathers on the station which occupies seven acres of land, according to the investigation of OSUN DEFENDERwas to be used as a southwestern information dissemination hub due to its central location for the proposed project.

It was noted that the transmission pinnacle of the radio and television station was designed for around 700 to 800 meters in height to enable it to serve the intended purposes.

Talk with OSUN DEFENDER On the terms of the RRS, an Iwo native, Mr. Semiu Musbau, called on Governor Adegboyega Oyetola and the legislator representing the constituency to resurrect the moribund station for the benefit of the young and the unborn generation.

Musbau noted that efforts have been made to revive the project by the administration of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, revealing that the indigenous contractors in charge of the work said that all the gadgets installed had been swallowed up by a ” magnanimous conflagration”.

It was found that the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola revived the project as an education promotion radio and television station with adequate funding, similar to Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC).

Another Iwo resident, Habib Rahman, said: “It is very unfortunate that a colossal amount of money has been spent on the project and none of our political gladiators have seen fit to examine his resuscitation. .

“This gigantic project could add to the economic value chain of our beleaguered economy and unemployment. It is so sad that our people prefer stipends to economic development and it is a call to whoever matters in the political dynamics of the state to use their connections to resuscitate this moribund project. Where is the Osun State Agricultural Development Program (OSSADEP)? Let’s go!”

In an interview with OSUN DEFENDER Yesterday, the Chairman of Concerned Citizens of Iwo Federal Constituency, Mr. Ajibade Tijani, noted that successive state governments had not been fair to the people of the constituency, saying there were many abandoned projects in the city.

Tijani pointed out that the reality TV and radio station would have been a hub of information for the entire South West before the private sector meddled in the media industry.

He said: “The reality TV and radio station would have been a hub of information for the whole South West before the private sector got involved in the radio station and television establishment. Lots of people would have had gainful employment, lots of lucrative programs like trade fairs, music concerts, tra-medical fairs where economic activities would have flowed freely.

“In addition, magnificent homes, shopping complexes and other commercial auxiliary services would have come into being. But for the nonchalant attitude of the successive government since time immemorial, coupled with the self-centeredness of our political leaders and the credulous following of our youth, we would have taken Iwo to the next level. All we want without compromise is the development of Iwoland, politically, socially, economically and infrastructurally.

“I am not aware of any efforts made by Iwoland stakeholders. Politicians are more interested in their scholarship and not in the development clues that the radio and television station will bring to Iwoland. They don’t even frequent the radio and television station.

All efforts to get a reaction from the state government failed as the Information Commissioner, Ms Funke Egbemode, did not respond to the text message sent to her.

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