Students organize radio show to fight bullying



LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A local program empowers students to make school a better place for everyone. Bully Busters 702, led by Big Keith Bowen, teaches students how to express themselves and help fellow students who may be struggling.

Big Keith teaches a Bully Buster class at The 100 Academy School of Engineering and Technology. He also visits schools in the valley to spread his message against bullying. He dedicated his life to the cause after a friend killed himself as a result of bullying.

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“People don’t understand when you’re bullied, people remember the time, the day, the clothes you were wearing. I’ve talked to people in their 40s to 50s, they remember when they were 13 if they went to the store… people just don’t understand the impact, ”Big Keith said.

“We’re looking at how bad bullying is and when you see bullying you should go tell a teacher,” said Big Keith student Star Banks. Star and her brother Kwamne say Big Keith is their favorite teacher.

Students as young as kindergarten create their own cartoons and host a weekly radio show based on their experiences. Big Keith says it helps them gain confidence and learn to talk productively about their issues.

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“Kids can talk on the radio, they can express themselves and they talk, so they let off steam. They don’t have to push anyone, put their hands together or feel sad, ”added Big Keith.

The radio show is in line every Sunday. Bully Busters 702 also has a 24-hour hotline for parents or students to call for help. This number is 702-292-5023.


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