The National Theater will launch a radio station and publish playwrights



Among those attending the event were Ms. Olayinka Olajumoke, Dr. Edward Olutoke, President, Ikeja Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Mr. Greg Odutayo, President of R2TV; Mr. Tade Adekunle, President, Keskese Advertising; Miss Bimbo Eso of Evergreen Musical Company; The Managing Director of NAIRDA Limited; Mr. Bimbo Adegboye of VACC; Mr. Joseph Edgar, CEO, Duke of Shomolu Productions; and the Managing Director of NTA Channel 10, Lagos.

Some of these participants gave their support to the new thinking of the management of the National Theater, while calling on them to get in touch with the private sector to prevent these noble dreams from dying and, also, with the security agencies. to effectively monitor the road leading to the National Theater to gain the confidence of future visitors to the Maison de la Culture.

Greg Oduntayo, President of R2TV, and Miss Bimbo Eso of Evergreen Music Limited, who took turns speaking, were delighted with Professor Ododo’s initiatives and expressed their willingness to partner with the National Theater to make these happen. dreams.

Closing a brilliant day near the office headquarters of Nigeria Mall, Lagos, Prof. Ododo told the assembly he was pleased with the feedback received from attendees, promising to work together with relevant stakeholders to transform soon the National Theater. .


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