Vikerraadio ranked the most popular radio station in Estonia | New

The results of Kantar Emor’s latest radio listener survey revealed that Vikerradio has 122,000 daily listeners, followed by Radio Elmar and Sky Plus with 82,000 and 74,000 daily listeners respectively.

For the first time since the introduction of the current survey method in 2018, Vikerraadio also ranked the most popular radio station in Estonia, both by week and by month.

Vikerraadio has a weekly audience of 230,000 listeners, followed by Sky Plus with 212,000 weekly listeners and Radio Elmar with 186,000 weekly listeners. Sky Plus, Star FM and Vikerraadio have the most monthly listeners.

Among Russian-language radio stations in the country, ERR’s Raadio 4 has the largest daily audience, followed by Narodnoye Radio and Russkoye Radio.

The survey also showed that the other stations of the public broadcaster are also doing well: according to the survey, the daily audiences of Raadio 2, Klassikaraadio, Raadio Tallinn have all increased.

The most recognizable radio station in Estonia is Sky Plus, followed by Vikerraadio, Raadio Kuku and Raadio Elmar.

Estonian listeners spend an average of just under four hours a day listening to radio stations, online music and recorded music, down 18 minutes from last year’s survey.

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