#WorldRadioDay: Saudi Arabia launches its first news radio

The Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) launched the country’s first news radio station to mark World Radio Day on February 13.

Al-Ekhbariya Radio is a radio branch of the national Al-Ekhbariya television channel. The SBA wants to expand attention to national news content across the station.

The transmission will initially be available in the capital Riyadh, the Red Sea city of Jeddah and Dammam in the eastern region.

The signal frequency numbers are Riyadh – 93.00, Jeddah – 107.7 and Dammam – 99.00.

Broadcast time will be 7am-10am, 12pm-3pm afternoon – which will feature local political coverage, and evening 6pm-9pm

With a network of 85 correspondents, it will offer up-to-date bulletins, briefs and reports covering a variety of societal issues and important international developments.

Ahmed Al-Dawwarieditor-in-chief of Al-Ekhbariya radio, said it would have 80% local content and 20% Arab and international content.

According to Mohammad Al-HarithiCEO of the SBA, the launch is part of the authority’s strategy to spread the media discourse across all platforms and reach out to specialized media to serve the needs of segments of Saudi society.

He added that the interest in the station’s launch comes as the Kingdom is experiencing rapid changes at all levels, creating an urgent need to provide new political and economic information to the public.

station manager Mubarak Al-Ati told Al-Ekhbariya TV’s “Today” program that the station is part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030 plans to build a more diversified and sustainable economy and a vibrant society.

“The launch of the station is in the interests of the rebirth of Saudi media to keep pace with the developments the kingdom is experiencing at all levels. Saudi media will continue to leap and grow in service of the kingdom’s leaders and people.” he said.

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