Yardley Borough PD Chief to host new monthly radio show

YARDLEY, PA – The Chief Constable of the Yardley Borough Police Department will begin hosting a monthly police and law radio show on Tuesday, December 21. The show will be broadcast and recorded by WBCB 1490AM.

The program, “Bucks Blue,” will see Kelly and her guests tell positive stories about policing and highlight examples of local community policing, which Kelly is passionate about.

“I decided to accept [hosting the show] because I embrace and practice community policing tenants and believe the police should take every opportunity to interact with the people we serve, ”said Kelly.

Kelly, who was previously Deputy Police Chief for the NJ Transit Police Department, is no stranger to the radio world. He previously co-hosted “Yardley Boro on Air” with Mayor Chris Harding on the same radio station.

“I guess I’ve done a good job since I was approached by the WBCB with this opportunity,” Kelly said.

While working with Mayor Harding had a great impact on Kelly’s vision for radio, he says he was most influenced “by the excellent policing that is being done in this county and remains in awe of the men and women who do this work “.

Kelly, who also holds a part-time faculty position at Bucks County Community College, said he would interview various officers and law enforcement officials to learn more about them as public servants, as well as their path to these careers. , the agencies for which they work. , and some of the jobs or programs they have had success with.

The first show will feature Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub and Officer Melissa Robison of the Middletown Township Police Department. The show will air at 1 p.m.

The show will air on the third Tuesday of every month for the foreseeable future.

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