Yascha Mounk and Francis Fukuyama on democracy

This Commonwealth Club radio program is based on two separate events: “Yascha Mounk: The Fates of Various Democracies” and “Francis Fukuyama: Liberalism and Its Discontents”.

Yascha Mounk argues that the struggle of free countries to be both diverse and equal in their political systems is the greatest experiment of our time and essential to the continuation of democracy. While this feat is unprecedented, he argues, understanding the past and the underlying conditions that led to division and social injustices is key to avoiding them in the future, and he writes that we should have a real hope in humanity’s ability to accomplish it.

Francis Fukuyama explains the troubled history of American achievement of classical liberalism here in the United States, and the challenges on both sides of the political spectrum that have arisen in recent decades. With the right demanding economic freedom above all else, and the left elevating identity above the universality of humanity as its central ideal, Fukuyama argues that both approaches miss the mark in the understanding of classical liberalism, and the consequences can be disastrous both at home and around the world.


The Mounk program is part of the Commonwealth Club’s Future of Democracy series, supported by Betsy and Roy Eisenhardt.

The Fukuyama program is supported by the Ken & Jaclyn Broad Family Fund.

Extended Family Fund

Photo of Mounk by Steffen Jaenicke; Photo of Fukuyama by Nora Smith.

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