Yendry: Small office concert (at home)


From September 15 to October 15, Tiny Desk celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with an “El Tiny” cover of the concert series (at home), featuring J Balvin, Camila Cabello and several other musicians from all over Latinidad .

For a moment, it looks like YEИDRY is rising from the sea. She is barefoot and wears yellow, like the roses on her little side table desk, the color of Oshún. Upstairs, under the sea view, is a record box displaying Celia and Johnny, the classic 1974 collaboration between Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco. To its right is the 1979 album To cross by the Fania All Stars, of which Celia and Johnny were both star members. From the Soho beach house in Miami, YEИDRY performs five songs, which form the bulk of his solo discography.

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It opens with a song as intimate as its space. “Nena” is a prayer sung from her mother’s perspective when she went to Italy in search of opportunities, while a young Yendry Fiorentino stayed with his grandmother in his hometown of Santo Domingo . After her 4 years, she joined her mother in Turin, where she grew up and began her musical career.

YEИDRY’s songs radiate a feminine force from many lives lived, from sober reflection on a relationship gone from “Se Acabó” to “Ya” self-confident, a song “on fire … and the courage that we all have it inside. And sometimes we have a hard time getting it out. ”His first sentence,“ yo quiero to ‘”(“ I want it all ”), is an invocation to remember who you are. In “You”, her collaboration with Damian Marley, she inhabits the voices of the two lovers with unfailing confidence. And in her closest, “El Diablo”, she even embraces the power of the devil with a slow-burning flamenco that ignites in merengue as she repeats “soy Dominicana / soy Italiana”, honoring all of her own accord. in the afternoon light.


  • “Nena”
  • “Se Acabó”
  • “YA”
  • “YOU”
  • “El Diablo”


  • Yendry: vocals
  • Danny Flores: keys
  • American Jevenson: bass
  • Anderson Quintero: drum pad
  • Daniel Berroa Sr.: percussion


  • Video: Eliam Coro, Seba Creative, Richard Quintero
  • Audio: Danny Flores, Jesús Cantun


  • Producer: Anamaria Sayre
  • Video producer: Kara Frame
  • Audio mastering: Josh Rogosin
  • Alt.Latino ‘El Tiny’ team: Felix Contreras, Reanna Cruz, Anaïs Laurent, Stefanie Fernandez
  • Small production team: Bob Boilen, Bobby Carter, Maia Stern, Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis
  • Executive Producer: Keith Jenkins
  • Senior Vice President, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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